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Contact Centre Support

We support our clients who operate contact centres from design, setup and recruitment to operations and expansion. We aim to equip our clients with the necessary skills to develop a cost effective, efficient operations regimen and culture within their organizations through industry research, organizational sensitization and application.

Enterprise solutions

We define an enterprise solution as a platform or product leveraging software, hardware, human resources and communication protocols designed to meet a specific need of a client. These solutions are a combination of open source as well as licensed proprietary applications combined with a variety of hardware platforms specific to the clients requirements.

360̊ Evaluation systems

Working in partnership with Virtual Communications and Wilcon Management Consultants Indigo designs the 360 ̊Evaluation process that we deploy for our clients. We design the training curriculum, design the interface, tailor the process to the organization, plan the deployment, deploy the process and process the data for analysis and presentation to respondents within the organization.